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This page is intended to provide our preschool parents with all the information they need right at their fingertips.


3K Preschool
As children enter what is usually their first large group situation, they are exposed to sharing, taking turns, respecting the rights and property of others, and a structured environment.  Physically, they are introduced to movement games, moving to music as well as fine and gross motor skill activities.
Academically, each child is accepted at his/her own level.  Each student is provided with “hands on” learning experiences in the areas of reading readiness, pre-math, artistic expression, and verbal skills.  Spiritually, the child is introduced to God who loves and cares for them.


4K Preschool
This class seeks to meet the developmental needs of the 4-5 year old.  The children are encouraged to progress and feel proud of their accomplishments.  Emphasis on social skills continues to be incorporated in the daily schedule. They experience new activities in the areas of reading readiness and pre-math, and many activities that encourage small motor development.  Spiritually, the students are exposed to God, who cares for them and shows His love in many ways.  The focus of this class is kindergarten readiness.

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